Legal advice

Every client deserves personalized advice that is clear, understandable and free of jargon.
We give legal advice in English and German and represent our clients in court if necessary.

Employment law

We can help you review the legality of working time structures and draft workplace rules.

We can advise on data protection, whether it’s camera surveillance or GPS tracking.

We develop procedural guides for managers, e.g. for interviews, termination of employment, government investigations. We represent you in employment disputes.

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  • We successfully pursued an employer’s claim for damages in connection with an employee’s abuse. 
  • Successfully enforced an employer’s claim arising from a study contract.
  • We advised our client on the establishment of a work schedule that included teleworking.

Real estate law

We can help you draft a mutually beneficial real estate purchase agreement and assist you with larger land transactions. 

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  • We have drafted residential property sales contracts in Hungarian, English and German. 
  • We have established a right of purchase for agricultural land and then carried out the sale under the right of purchase.
  • We succeeded with an appeal against an administrative decision on the demarcation of a plot of land.


We believe in prevention: we strive to ensure claims before a final judgment.

We are at your side in dealing with insolvency and liquidation proceedings.

We represent you in court.

Success link

  • The court ruled in favor of our application for preliminarily seizing the defendant’s assets in order to secure our client’s claim, thus the client’s claim could be satisfied after the final success of the litigation.
  • We successfully defended our client’s interests against a claim arising from a sham contract.
  • We have achieved the removal of online content damaging to our client’s reputation.

Corporate law

You can count on us for company formation, simple corporate changes and more complex commercial transactions.

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  • We provided the legal background for the establishment of a limited liability company with a significant real estate portfolio.
  • We have handled the legal aspects of voluntary dissolution proceedings.
  • We were involved in negotiating the sale and purchase of shares for foreign parties, and then arranged the signing of the contract in various countries.

Consumer rights

We help you navigate through the Hungarian and EU consumer protection regulations for individuals. We can advise you on specific issues and help you draft the necessary documents.

Success link

  • We advised on the recovery of the purchase price of tickets for events cancelled due to the coronavirus epidemic.
  • We have provided support related to claims due to flight delays and cancellations.

How to reach me and contact me

+36 30 498 0444

1034 Budapest, Viador utca 11.

Kapcsolatfelvétel, Jogi tanácsadás (Angol) (#9)